Copenhagen Blues Festival 2005

Pictures from Copenhagen Blues Festival 2002, 2003 and 2004.

They keep getting better, the nice people at Copenhagen Blues Festival. Again four days of great concerts, great bands and nice people.

Wednesday started with the opening reception in Amager Bio, where "Danish Blues Name of the year", and a special "Copenhagen Blues Festivals 2005 Jubilee Price" were presented. Thorbjørn Risager received the Blues name of the year price, and Kenn Lending the Jubilee Price. Previous winners are Troels Jensen in 2002, Mike Andersen in 2003 and Peter Thorup in 2004.

Due to a first aid course (!), I couldn't go to any of the concerts later in the evening, which was a great shame, because on the program were amongst others Nine Below Zero, Sky High and Guy Forsyth :-(

Opening Reception

Thursday, for me, started at Long John with Hans Knudsens Jumpband. I'd seen him a few times before, but never with the band. I knew their CD's, because my father has them, and now I do too...... :-)

Next was Guitar Shorty at Studenterhuset, and a mixture of electric Texas and Chicago Blues :-)

I finished a nice evening at Mojo with New Orleans Roots'n'Blues Starjam, featuring amongst other Hans Knudsen, Mikkel Nordsø, Hugo Rasmussen and Thorbjørn Risager. Hot, sweaty and great :-)

Hans Knudsen Jumpband
Guitar Shorty
New Orleans Roots'n'Blues Star Jam

Friday started with my personal "Surprise of the year", Boo Boo Davis Band, with James Boo Boo Dabis in the front, and a really great band of Dutch musicians behind him - awesome !!!!

After them, a really great concert with the Danish band Turnip Green, and finally a short walk to Studenterhuset to enjoy the Swedish band Danny & the Cappers.

Boo Boo Davis Band
Turnip Greens
Danny & the Cappers

Saturday started at Mojo with two of my long time favorites Kenn Lending Bues Band and Lillian Boutté. I hadn't heard her since the Tønder Festival in 1986 or 87, so it was about time. As you can see on the pictures, it was an incredible evening of happiness and fun, even if Lillian Boutté must have felt really sad after the recent destruction of her home town New Orleans. Thanks for a daaajlig evening :-)

Next was Mezzy Slide & the Crew featuring amongst others Alain Apaloo, a small fellow, who can play the guitar like you wouldn't believe :-)

Finally off to La Fontaine for some jazz-blues with Gaardmand/Gade/Gunde/Vadsholt/Rifbjerg (It wasn't Rifbjerg, though !)

Kenn Lending Blues Band feat. Lillian Boutté
Mezzy Slide & the Crew
Gaardmand/Gade/Gunde/Vadsholt/Rifbjerg (It wasn't Rifbjerg !)

Another really great weekend with a lot of great concerts, and I still missed names like Guy Forsyth, HP Lange & Troels Jensen, The Blue Junction, Nisse Thorbjørn and many others.