A few years ago the local youth school offered an amount of money to any youth/group of youths, who could create something which was not possible within the existing program.

Thomas Petersen grabbed the idea, and soon the group "Fodnote" (Footnote) was formed, and from this, The Footstock Festival for amateur bands was born.

The first festival in 1997 was an outdoor concert, and (of course) it rained all day. I didn't go as we had a concert at 5-øren, which was .... well, not a success, but that's another story.

The second festival in April 1998 was indoor at the local theatre. Carsten from Moonstone asked me if I wanted to come. I went there just to see what happened, take a few pictures and have fun for a few hours. I ended up being hired as a helper for the evening by the head of our youth school, and covering the whole festival. This meant that I, for the first time in my life (I think), was actually being paid for having fun.

Even though there were a few delays and a sound problem during some of the shows, the evening was a success. It was great to see the variety of music, the way the audience treated their friends (As most of the bands were local, the audience were mostly school friends and the like) on stage and the festival in general. There were NO problems (Except the odd technical problem) whatsoever, and the guys in the entrance, who were supposed to take care of "trouble-makers", had a very quiet evening.

During one of the shows I was squatting while taking pictures. Suddenly I had a boy from the audience lying on my back and dancing !!!!!

I later learned that one of the best shows was performed by a band, doing one of their first (If not the first) shows. The lead singer was so nervous, that one of the other band members had to sing !! - Real human beings on stage. The future is looking bright for danish rock music !!

I could tell a lot more about it, but I suppose you should have been there to fully understand what was going on, and what it could lead to in the future ......!

Thanks to all involved, the bands, the audience, the youth school and most of all "Fodnote".

There are more pictures under Moonstone.