Since 1987 I've been working as a photographer at 5-Ýren. I started going there in 1982, and always brought my camera to take some pictures. In 1986 I participated in a "picture of the year"-competion and won (To be honest, I still don't know if there were other participants !!).

5-Ýren is a non-profit organisation. We arrange open-air concerts during the summer, and indoor concerts during the winter in "Amager Bio". All profits from the concerts and related arrangements are used to arrange new concerts, including showing/testing un-known bands on a larger stage. All employees are working for free, we only get something to eat and drink, and my expenses on the photography are paid.

Every year we select "Band of the year" among tapes and CD's we receive from un-known/less well known bands. Next to the honour, the winner gets a gig at 5-Ýren sometime during the summer.

5-Ýren is, because of it's shape, named after what used to be the smallest danish coin (until 1989). For larger concerts we have sometimes used the park surrounding 5-Ýren, and for obvious reasons called it 10-Ýren.

Arial view 5-Ýren 10-Ýren
5-Ýren 2003 Mid-summer Theme days
Bridge Party The bottle boys