My Curriculum Vitae
(or there abouts)

NAME: Martin Vallø Andersen
BORN: Oh yes, definitely !! (1966-01-30)
SCHOOL: 1973-1982
High school/sixth form college
School and trainee service
Engineering College of Haslev
OCCUPATION: Bachelor of Science in Engineering (M)
CURRENT EMPLOYER: 2004-> Køge Kommune, Job og Kursuscenteret
OTHER JOBS: 1987->


Køge Ungdomsskole
(Youth school, photography teacher)
5-øren (Photographer)
PREVIOUS JOBS: 1982-1989
Køge Bibliotek (Library, helper)
Restaurant "Retten er sat" (Dishwasher)
Kemisk Værk Køge (Chemicals
factory, Trainee and "holiday"-job)
em Proces consulting engineers a/s
(Engineer, board member, manager)
Skovbo Kommune, Job og Uddannelsescenteret
MILITARY SERVICE: 1990-1991 Civil Defence, 1 month + 100 hours locally
HOBBIES: Motorsport Anything serious on four wheels with an engine, but F1, F3000, F3 and rally in particular.
Music I'll give almost anything a listen, except techno and dance and the like. My "back-ground" is blues and rock, but I have a lot of other "styles" (or lack of !) in my collection. I can't play an instrument though (!). See biggest regret below.

I've listed my top-10 of albums.

Photography Almost any combination of the above, travel and family/friends.
Travel Almost anywhere nice if it involves flying. At the moment mainly England, Scotland and Germany, though I'd like to go back to the US-Virgin Islands again soon. I'd also like to see or re-visit Prague, Rome, Athens, Spain, Poland .......!
Malt Whisky Another expensive hobby (Passion ?) I'm very serious about. I'm a member of "The Scotch Malt Whisky Society" and "Den Danske Maltklub" (The Danish Malt Club).
Cinema I like going to the cinema, and try to do it at least once a week. I see almost all kind of movies, except Sci-Fi (I'm NOT going to see the new Star Wars-movies).

I've listed my top-10 movies.

Others Well, there must be other things as people complain that I'm always busy. I do sleep sometimes though. Oh yes, I do like to laugh !
Biggest regret Not learning to play an instrument, even if I had all my Dads instruments around me.

Today I haven't got the time to do it the way I want to :(.