Favourite movies

This is my top-10 of favourite movies, listed in no particular order. As I go to the cinema about once a week, it may change regularly.

I know a lot of these films are about war and violence. Well, I hate the use of any kind of weapon (Except the verbal) to prove a point. Your case is lost when you reach for a gun or start hitting/kicking your opponent. I believe you have to study the history and having seen this and this, I've started wondering what will be the next !!

Movies right outside the top-10 includes Hurricane Street, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Ice Storm, Fargo, Pusher, Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers 2000 (Yes, I know it's not THAT good, but I love it :-)) and a lot of others. Perhaps I should do a top-100....

Pink Floyd, The Wall The ultimate movie to test the sound system of your local cinema.
Ponette French. About a 4 year old girl, dealing with loosing her mother. Filmed at eye level with the kids. It's only when you see them from a distance you realize how small they are, An amazing movie.
Titanic Yes, it's embarrassing, but I really like this film for technical reasons (What a lame excuse !!). The cinema was shaking when they reversed the engines. Awesome. As for the lovestory....well, I've seen worse.....
Saving Private Ryan The description of D-day is terrifying. Later a small group of soldiers are send out on a "PR-stunt" to find and bring back Private Ryan to his family, as he is the only son of four still alive.
The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin playing Hitler. Recorded during WW2. I've always had a place in my heart for Chaplin.
Europa Europa About a Jewish boy ending up in the Hitler Youth, during WW2. Based on a true story. He was still alive in 1998 !
Sling Blade A beautiful, quiet movie about a mentally handicapped man, going back to his hometown from the State Hospital (He killed his Mother as kid). He befriends a kid and his mother, moves in, and becomes a part of the family. Idyllic ? - Well, not in the end !!
La vita e bella Italian comedy, but definitely also a tragedy about a family of 3 ending in a Concentration Camp during the war. How can you make a comedy about the Holocaust. Well, this one shows it's possible.
The thin red line Boy, is this film scary. Not because of the combat scenes, but in-between you get a close-up look at the soldiers and their eyes !!! It's about the combats of Guadalcanal in the Pacific.
Parenthood Not really a top-10 movie, but still...I'm not a fan of Steve Martin, but this one is special. Basically it's about the "joys" of being a parent. Yawn ! - No way, these people are real !