Favourite Albums

These are probably (Well, at least at the moment) the 10 albums I'd bring, if I ended up on the famous deserted island. They are listed in no particular order. How I'd be able to actually listen to them, I don't know, as I suppose there would be no electricity. I guess I'd have to look at the covers and dream.....

I know Run Rig, Bob Seger, Deep Purple and a lot of others are missing, but that's life !!

Pink Floyd:
The Wall
An old favourite from my high school days.
Henryk Gorecki:
Symphony No. 3
More in the Classical/Opera dept. It's beautiful.
Jonny Lang:
Wander This World
It's very hard to chose between Smokin' and Wander This world, but as I feel Wander This World is his most personal album, I'll chose it.
Southside Johnny:
Reach up and touch the sky
From my high school days, but still finds it way to my CD-player on a regular basis. He's just released a new album.
Delta Cross Band:
Tough Times
Again an old favourite, and one of the first bands I went to see live. This is their comeback album from 1990.
Dire Straits:
Brothers in Arms
Their best album, and one that more or less killed them as a group, as they have obviously had problems trying to follow it up.
Bruce Hornsby:
The way it is tour 1986-87, DJ-Copy
I went to a Huey Lewis concert about 1986. The support act was by some "fool" called Bruce Hornsby. I wanted to see Huey Lewis, and didn't listen. BIG mistake and ever since I've known who the real fool was. Sorry Bruce ..........!!
Pick of the Litter
Scottish Folk Rock. I didn't know them until the summer of 1998, and they have cost me a fortune since then, as I've bought all the albums I could find. This is the best "Best Of"-album I've ever heard.
Omar and the Howlers:
Muddy Springs Road
A regular visitor to 5-øren, and a fascinating, though probably not "great" singer/guitarist.
Verdens lykkeligste band, Live 99
(The worlds most delighted band, Live 99)
Well, if I'm going to be all alone, I guess I have to bring something that'll remind me of the Danish language. I used to hate them, but they are one of the best live bands and their lyrics are fascinating. I have previously listed another album by them, but since then they have released this double-CD.