Swedish Rally 2006

Swedish Rally February 3rd-5th 2006.

FIA World Rally Championship 2006, round 2.
The weather was nice and cold with lots of snow. The temperatues were usually between -12 and - 18 degr. C (0 to 10 degr. F), so we had a great time :-)

....and again, the racing was good :-)

Pictures from Swedish Rally 2003.

Thomas Rådström Kristian Sohlberg Jimmy Joge
Marcus Grönholm Petter Solberg Mattias Ekström
Jimmy Joge Thomas Schie Mads Østberg
Patrik Flodin Daniel Carlsson Sebastian Loeb
Petter Solberg Chris Atkinson Thomas Schie
Xavier Pons Henning Solberg Mikko Hirvonen
Chris Atkinson Jan Kopecký Thomas Rådstrøm
Gigi Galli Daniel Carlsson Sebastian Loeb
Marcus Grönholm Matthew Wilson Chris Atkinson
Henning Solberg Marcus Grönholm Matthew Wilson