Swedish Rally 2003

Swedish Rally February 7th-9th 2003.

FIA World Rally Championship 2003, round 2.
The weather was a bit cold (-21 degr. C/-6 degr. F) the evening before the rally started, but Friday had temperatures around -7 degr. C / 19 degr. F, and the rest of the weekend it was close to the freezing point. This unfortunately resulted in grey and misty weather, as is obvious on the pictures.

The racing was good though :-)

Petter Solberg Jane Tuohino Richard Burns
Tommy Mäkinen Marcus Grönholm Sébastian Loeb
Didier Auriol Kristian Kolberg Possum Bourne
Mikko Hirvonen (?) Janne Tuohino Markko Märtin
Toni Gardemeister (?) Marcus Grönholm Petter Solberg
Colin McRae Markko Märtin Richard Burns