The winners of "DM I Rock1998", but again a band I don't really know much about (It's a bit embarrassing, to be honest, but then I'm not too old to learn (I hope !)). In the meantime ask "the walking library", Carsten from Moonstone, I'm sure he does.

They played in the tent at 5-Ýren at one of the concerts in 1998, and soon had the audience on their feet, even one of the members of Diva, who had played on the main stage.

As with Nautilus I was really sorry to leave before the show was over.

I thought they'd disappeared, but in February 2001 I by chance discovered a CD containing 4 songs, and in early May 2002 I saw them at Maskinhallen, Christiania, Copenhagen. A lot has happened in four years !!!, and they're still really worth a "visit", even if you have to spend hours going home on a nightbus. I'm sure I had a really stupid smile on my face, after a really great evening.......

They were back in Copenhagen in September, this time in Stengade 30, and, it seemed, had brought half the high school/college generation of Bornholm to Copenhagen, which turned out to be a really good idea, as there was an incredible atmosphere up front.

Have a look at their web-site,