I've been waiting for more than 12 years to see Runrig live at 5-øren, and finally it happened.

I first heard them around 1983-84 on the radio. It was a live recording, and really caught my attention. Later I've seen them at the Tønder Festival in 1987, a few times in Copenhagen, and now finally at 5-øren.

They were formed as an acoustic Gallic folk trio by the brothers Rory and Calum Macdonald around 1973. Later the number of members grew to six, and the music changed to an electric folk rock sound, though still very much based on the old Gallic traditions.

In 1997 their "legendary" vocalist Donnie Munro left the band to pursue a career in politics. The situation "smelled" of crisis, but thankfully Bruce Guthro joined them as new vocalist, and the new album and concerts have proved that they are still Runrig.

Rory Iain Calum
Bruce Peter Malcolm