New bands

This is a public confession !

I have been narrow-minded and wrong rejecting certain new rock bands.

For years I thought that a lot of the new rock and related music styles were boring, stupid, noisy and could best be described as machine-guns at full blast. Some of them still are, but fortunately a few of my pupils at the youth school were playing in various bands, and when they realized I was a photographer at 5-øren, they started lobbying and persuading me to actually try to listen (And get them a gig !), instead of just writing the bands off as noise.

The little bastards can be very persuasive (FULL STOP !) and after a while I felt like the MICHELIN MAN from eating my words, gave up and started to listen. I realized that they were not more noisy, than the bands I annoyed my parents with, when I was a kid, I was just getting older and older and .......! - I hope I'm now more open, even if there are still some of the songs and bands I don't like.

To make it up I have listed, with pictures, a few here, but you'll find others in other parts of this site. The great thing about them is that they actually seem to enjoy themselves on stage. Go and see them if they are in your neighbourhood (If they are not, FIND THEM !).

A very special THANKS to my local favourites MOONSTONE for waking me up !!