Leningrad Cowboys

The finnish band Leningrad Cowboys were one of the highlights of 1998. I didn't know anything about them, until I mentioned the name to Carsten of Moonstone. The smile on his face gave me a "vague" idea that I had better listen !!!!

I don't know what they put in the Vodka, but it is definitely good for both creativity and madness on stage. Their finnish/Siberian versions of old rock classics are ..... well, indescribable in the most positive sense of the word. The same could be said about their "Unicorn Hairdo", their 50 cm shoes ("These boots were made for walking"......), the two movies "Leningrad Cowboys goes America" and "Leningrad Cowboys meets Moses", but I think you get the picture (If not, have one of mine !!).

The day before the concert, they arranged a charity ice hockey match between them and a danish band D:A:D, supported by players from the NHL league, the danish league, several musicians and celebrities, a few "pigs", two cow-girls, a beer serving waiter and a judge.

It was all very serious, that is, if you think the use of chain saws, fire-crackers, fights and a car during an ice hockey match is serious.

The match raised DKK 175.000 (Appr. US$ 27.000 in 1998) for the kids at the cancer department in the main hospital in Copenhagen.