Østkyst (East Coast) Rock 2001

Østkyst Rock was started in 1999 and is a competition for young bands from the Youth Schools and Music Schools of Roskilde County. This year 9 bands competed, and as usual they each had about 10 minutes to put up their gear, and 20 minutes to play.

The first band started at 16.00 and the last show ended at about 21.00.

This year was a mixture of veterans from the previous competitions in 1999 and 2000 and new bands, but as usual when you took the various band members age into consideration, the quality was very high and varied.

One band caught everyone by surprise, as their concert started without introduction, with the bass and guitarplayer sitting on the stage, playing what appeared to be noise at first. People were looking surprised alternately at each other and the stage, trying to figure out what was going on. Quite amusing :-).

While the judges did their hard job, Krist Kemi went on stage. If they'd taken part they would have won. When they finished and the result was ready, they were asked to do encores, and the judges had to wait !!!!

The results were ready at about 21.30, and a lot of surprisingly calm (mostly) band members waited eagerly in front of the stage.

Due to the high quality, there were two third prices worth DKK 1000 each, one to Vacant and one to Reaxion.

Number two was my personal favourite Moonstone, after an amazing concert, which sent shivers down your spine from happiness. They won DKK 2000.

The very popular winner was Sinai. An amazing feat, as this was only their fourth ever public concert !!!!!!!!

Have a look at Footstock, Moonstone, Sinai, and the thumbnails from 1999 and 2000 as well.

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