Düreforsög ("Animal testing") was "band of the year" in 1996, to some peoples surprise (Horror even !!).

Having seen the "show" in 1997 (I wasn't there in 1996), I must say they truly deserved to win. It was one of the funniest and weirdest concerts I had seen by then (I think Leningrad Cowboys beat them in 1998 though !). To be honest I'm not sure I fully understand their music, but when you mix it with their "stage show" ......, well, it's awesome. Boris, the vocalist, is harder to catch on film, than doing a close-up of an F1-car at full speed on a straight. He spends more time in the air, than on the stage !!

I've tested their album on the family cat twice. She left without a sound, but the look she gave me ....!! - I wasn't even playing it loud !

Can you get a better recommendation ???