Hey and welcome to the centre of my universe (Just kidding).

Below you'll find links to some of the things (As some people know, I'm doing more stuff than you see here) I'm doing when I'm not sleeping, which I rarely do it seems :).

Most of the sites are based on pictures of my hobbies. On the Motor/Music site, you'll find a bit about me, and some (A few hundred) of my own pictures from Motorracing (Formula 1, Rally et cetera) and Music (Concerts featuring Danish and international bands). Under Local Archive, you'll find a selection of pictures and text from the area I live in. It's a site I do for our Local Historic Archive. It's in both Danish and English. Finally, there's my family tree, which I try to find time to work on as well. Have fun :).

If you have any comments, please .

Motor/Music Family Tree World War 1 Local Archive
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