My family

The last couple of years I have been making a family tree of my family. I'm using JamoDat's Win-Family. It is an easy to use and very cheap programme. From version 5 it has been possible to generate web-pages from the family tree. The result you can see here. This page is mainly for my family, but feel free to have a look around. You may even know some of them. In that case .

I have found that I have quite a large family, even though a few of them are dead now, and it is growing all the time, though not as fast as some people (You know who you are !) would like !!. At the moment more than 2000 people are listed, but my ever supportive family keeps remembering names and people, so....

As the pages has now been generated from WinFamily version 6, the layout has been changed quite a bit. I've made an English and a Danish version of the family tree, but the Danish version is now only availabe on the family CD.

Thanks to everyone involved in making the tree.

REMEMBER, family is one of the subjects in life where size and quality really matters. The bigger, the better !!! - I am a lucky bastard !!!

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Latest update: 2005-11-01