Jason Watt

Jan Magnussens old "partner in crime" was about to hit the very top, when an unfortunate accident left him paralysed. Thanks to an amazing fighting spirit, stubbornness and no doubt good friends help and supprt, he's made a comeback to Sports and Touring Cars. I will never be able to understand how he did it, but that's probably why he's the racing driver and I'm not. It must have been bl.... painful, but he's still smiling. Have you ever seen him without his trademark smile ?? - No neither have I..........

Spa 1997 was a very warm day, and after a very exciting race, I almost fainted due to dehydration. I knew I desperately needed something to drink, but I didn't want to miss anything, even if the nearest drink-shop was only 20 m. away. I can NOT recommend it, even if the race was worth it. It was stupid, but the race was great.

Spa 1999 was a very strange race. Not because of what happened on track though. Again, it was a very exciting race, but a few weeks later the winner was paralysed and number two had been killed during pratice for a CART race in USA.

Thanks Jason and good luck in the future.

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