Belgian Formula One Grand Prix 2002

Below are a few pictures from the 2002 Belgian F1 Grand Prix. The race was not the most memorable I've seen. Schumacker was either impressive, or the others were having a really bad day...... - Perhaps both, sigh !!

As usual we witnessed the "Ardennes sense of humour" with regards to the weather. This year it was mainly sunny and we had no rain, except for a few drops perhaps. The day before we arrived, they had 50 mm (About 2 inches) of rain in one hour at the campsite. Sunday, when we got up at 4 in the morning, was surprisingly warm, but the wind at the track was extremely cold. Monday morning was bitterly cold, with temperatures down to about 3-4 degrees Centigrade. Nice when you sleep in a tent.......

Some of the below pictures are from Formula 3000.