Le Mans Series 2007

Pictures from the Le Mans Series in 2004.

Below are a few pictures from the 2007 Le Mans Series 1000 kms rounds at Spa and Silverstone. There are more pictures, some of the other races held at the meetings, under the headers.

We've previously been to F1 Grand Prixs, at Spa and Silverstone, every year between 1986 and 2002, but due to the ridiculous prices and all the politics, instead of racing, decided to try something else in 2004. Low entry fees, lots of races and a generally relaxed feeling at the tracks, made this a bargain. Another thing which was quite unusual compared to F1, was they really made you feel welcome to the track, and took their time to try to make sure you understood what to do and where to go. And yes, sportscars are just as exciting as formula one cars, if not more. The sound and sight of all the Classical Endurance cars in the paddocks is worth the whole trip !!!!

If you click on the headers below, you'll be taken to pages with a lot more pictures from the races.

Silverstone, England, Sept. 14th-16th 2007 - click on text for more pictures.
Spa - Francorchamps, Belgium, Aug. 17th-19th 2007 - click on text for more pictures.