Delta Cross Band

One of the two big "D"'s for me at the beginning of the eighties (The other being Dire Straits of course).

They started in the late sixties as Delta Blues Band, and has, with a few breaks, been on the road since then as either Delta Blues Band, Delta or Delta Cross Band (With Billy Cross/Schwartz on guitar).

Over the years, they have recorded some of the best (And a few less successful) danish blues/rock albums. Their album "Tough Times" from 1991 in my opinion beat stars like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton and others, who discovered their roots then, by several lengths, but then Delta Cross Band didn't have to discover their roots. They hadn't left !!

In 2001 Troels Jensen did an album with one of the "new" hopes of the Danish blues scene, H.P. Lange.